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About the Brand

Elsea Skin is a natural skincare brand that is passionate about enhancing your skin’s natural beauty. Elsea Skin caters to all skin types by utilizing hand-selected, quality ingredients to allow your skin to achieve maximum transformation. We created this brand to bring forth awareness to simple ingredients and simple routines that achieve results.

What we value

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Elsea Skin values feedback from our customers to ensure we are providing you with the best quality products for your skincare regimen.

No Artificial Fragrances

Elsea Skin does not utilize artificial fragrances in our formulas. Each scent is derived by the natural fragrance of each ingredient used.

100% Quality Ingredients

Elsea Skin selects natural ingredients that are shown to provide benefits to the skin and are non-irritating.

No Harsh Chemicals

Elsea Skin’s products are free of parabens and sulfates. All Elsea Skin products are formulated with your skin in mind, leaving you with nothing but the best for your skin.

About Founder

Cathiana was born and raised in Miami, FL and created Elsea Skin, a handmade skincare company for all skin types in 2020. There are many reasons why Cathiana chose skincare but let’s just say she struggled with her skin since middle school up until college. Cathiana’s skin is very sensitive to the point where she would experience a reaction from almost anything. As Cathiana grew older, her skin issues escalated. Cathiana experienced acne, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and hormonal acne.

Cathiana created this brand to share the wealth of skin transformation in hopes that others would be confident in wearing their skin as well. Everything in Elsea Skin is HANDMADE. Cathiana takes pride in researching and choosing quality ingredients, packaging, creating labels, creating signature formulas, and much more. We hope you enjoy this brand as much as I do!

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